We began our trading in 2008 in digital devices market, after a little while became one of the major importers of computer and accessories. Meanwhile we were going to develop our business, after a multilateral, study deduced to incline toward exporting food stuff. Iran has a specific geopolitical situation, four seasons with vast cultivate lands that produce a huge amount of various agriculture products simultaneously. Hence, since 2010 we focused on exporting fresh and processed farming, gardening products to neighboring countries.

    Presently we forwarding a wide range of indigenous and outsource food stuffs and other commodities to whole Asian countries plus some European’s in large scale for wholesalers or smaller measure for retailers.

      We have no long precedent but during the last decade experienced a lot, and we know  for long term  sustaining as a well-known company, there is no way except for obligation, mutual understanding, loyalty, standing by commitments and above all having trustworthy commercial sides and clients.

      You are welcomed to visit our office or manufacturing sites otherwise your contact would be appreciable, may we can fulfill your rightful expectations.