Iran is the fourth largest exporter of petroleum and petrochemical products. Petrochemicals are industries where the hydrocarbons in crude oil or natural gas are converted into new chemical products after chemical processes. Fuel and feed petrochemical complexes include natural gas, ethane, petroleum, butane…

Parsa Co. with activity on exporting petrochemical products and petroleum products, provides products from the petrochemical complexes and oil refineries in the country and transfers to the target market.

Sales and selling, exports of raw materials and petroleum products such as diesel oil, oil, engine oils, tar, paraffin, gasoline.

Selling, exporting and importing the types of polymers, liquefied gas, fertilizers and granules, as well as oil and sea equipment.

Shopping and selling, exporting and importing of the raw materials of high and downstream industries and chemicals and aromatics.

Facilities and facilities in all sectors concerned with exporting petroleum products including transport, customs, storage and reservoirs, packaging, quality control and standard, provision of basic materials, transit, etc.

Collecting data around supply and demand, prices, and markets for consumption and production of products, and availability of products. Export opportunities in advertising and marketing in target markets.

If you are working in the field of petroleum, we ‘re waiting for your call for mutual cooperation.

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Parsa7 Commercial Group

Given that import and export of goods is one of the most important issues in international trade today, Parsa Trading Company is active in international trade to meet the needs of domestic and foreign trading companies.